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As of May 3, 2016, Racewaylite is no longer available.

Your account has been moved to the USTA's Pathway website.

  • Get a special bonus for the first Eligibility bundle you purchase in Pathway (for current Raceway Lite users only).

  • Choose from a wide range of subscription options: sign up to be automatically charged each month, buy a single bundle for use over a longer period, or deposit funds and pay per report.

  • Peruse over 70 other reports to serve your Harness Racing needs.

  • Continue to use your RWL Horse List: we already moved it into Pathway for you.

  • Create even more lists (known as "stables") to help organize the horses and contacts you're interested in.

  • Login with the same username and password you use on Raceway Lite or for any other USTA online service.

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